True RV

True RV

The drivelines can be set up as pusher or a puller configurations and powered by either a diesel or gasoline engines. While some of these may be as long as 45 feet, no special CDL license is required to legally operate one and some are equipped with slide-out sections that expand the living quarters, and it is common to have a separate master bedroom suite.

The list of features, amenities and appliances are endless. While these are great options for both quick weekend getaways and full-time camping, they are expensive, and their size is intimidating for many.



  • Large interior living spaces
  • Plenty of cargo storage
  • Many options and luxury amenities


  • Intimidating to drive
  • Cannot easily take day trips without towing a separate vehicle
  • Expensive to purchase, repair, operate and insure

While these may be impractical for many, they are an excellent option for long haul travel. They are increasingly popular with retirees and those interested in living on the road full time.





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