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True RV

Toy Haulers, or Sport Utility RV Trailers, combine the features of a travel RV trailer and sport utility trailer. They are perfect for those that wish to bring their ATVs, dirt bikes, or snow mobiles camping with them. The rear compartment is used for storing sports vehicles and features a folding wall that doubles as a loading ramp and some even create a patio. Forward compartments are set up with living spaces for campers. They offer many of the same basic features as the more expensive travel trailers, and campers enjoy having their portable garage space for all of their small vehicles, tools and gear.
A sport utility RV trailer is a great trade-off for active outdoor enthusiasts. They offer plenty of the basic essentials that keep campers comfortable and properly rested between adventures.


• Dual purpose function
• Can be fully outfitted with all necessary appliances and amenities
• Higher fresh water capacity and black/gray holding tank compared to other travel trailers.


• Close proximity to garage area exposes campers to hazardous materials
• Less usable interior space compared to similarly sized units
• Usually require higher towing capacity due to heavier construction than other travel trailers due to its function of hauling heavy items such as motorcycles or side by sides.

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