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It all started…

back in 2010 when Paul, the founder of True RV, decided he wanted to travel without leaving the comforts of home behind. He was introduced to the idea of purchasing an RV from an insurance auction, often referred to as a Branded Title RV.

He was surprised to find thousands of RV’s being auctioned-off by insurance companies that were:

  1. structurally and mechanically sound,
  2. repairable and most importantly,
  3. thousands of dollars less than clean-title-comparable vehicles in the market.

He was also amazed to learn that a portion of the RV’s were the result of a theft recovery or minor hail damage and were being auctioned-off as branded titles needing little to no repair.
For those reasons, Paul started purchasing these branded title vehicles for himself and his family members. Over the next few years, Paul and his family purchased several branded title vehicles and grew to absolutely love the idea that they could save thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality. As friends, neighbors, and relatives came to understand how he was able to find these amazing vehicles at unbelievable prices, they wanted him to find RV’s for them and their families as well.

However, finding quality branded title RV’s was not an easy task. In his mind, this would revolutionize the RV buying experience for thousands of people. Consequently, Paul opened True RV so that people everywhere could benefit from the unique niche of branded title RVs.

Our specialized shop has all the necessary computer equipment, tools, experience, and expertise to correctly repair the vehicle in order to meet and pass our rigorous Inspection as well as the state’s Safety and Emission Inspections as necessary by the state of California.

As a result of streamlining our reconditioning processes, we now have thousands of satisfied customers that are thrilled with the value and quality of the RVs they’ve purchased from True RV over the years, and moving our business to Rocklin!


At True RV we sell mostly branded title RV’s


A branded title RV is a coach or trailer that was purchased at an insurance auction for various reasons (such as hail damage, theft, or other damage, etc.). Here at True RV we deal with a small percentage of these RV’s that meet our stringent standards. The RV’s that do arrive at our trusted repair facilities are brought back to factory specifications and standards. This is the only way we have been able to have many happy customers refer us clients. We only deal with quality makes and models and our professional repair facility is second to none.


Clients of ours have found that by purchasing RV’s like this, it saves them thousands of dollars off retail book prices which means they minimize their total loss over time by paying less up front. The undeniable fact about RV ownership is that no matter what you buy, it will depreciate over time. So, THE KEY IS TO PURCHASE AT THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE THUS MINIMIZING YOUR TOTAL LOSS OVER TIME.

When you purchase an RV from True RV you can be assured that it has gone through our stringent pre-inspection process by our reliable staff.


There are some levels of insurance claims that result in the title of a vessel being changed to represent the insurance incident.

Let’s say you get rear-ended in a parking lot and your vehicle sustains significant damage. Even if you have the car professionally repaired and the car is as good as new, the insurance company can still have the title of your car changed from “Clean” to “Salvage”. In other words, the title has been branded.

This “brand” has nothing to do with the current condition of the vessel. Regardless of how great the vehicle runs and looks after having the damage removed and returned to new, the title will be branded forever. That is why smart buyers can purchase great vehicles at significantly lower prices.

Branded title RV’s sell for lower prices even though they are exactly like their clean title counterparts. This gives wise buyers tremendous cost savings. This value proposition is why branded title RV’s have become so popular and are getting harder to find which is why True RV specializes exclusively in branded title RV’s.

Branded Due to Collision

Each day in America, there are nearly 20,000 vehicle accidents.

Those accidents create vehicle damage ranging from minor bumps and scrapes to total loss. With so many thousands of RV’s receiving “branded title” status every day, True RV is experienced to seek out the vehicles with less damage, the cream of the crop. Those hand-selected RV’s are then professionally repaired by experienced rebuilders. All damaged parts are replaced with new parts and the RV is road tested personally by the owner himself. After conducting a comprehensive 151-Point Inspection to make certain the RV has been fully reconditioned and is ready for a new owner.

Branded Due to Flood

An RV which receives a branded title due to “flood” is the most requested type of branded vehicle we sell at True RV. It is also the hardest to find, but we keep finding more! A “flood” RV simply means it has been in or near some water. It does NOT mean the car has been under water – not at True RV. Do NOT purchase any flooded RV which has been submerged. Our highly trained Reconditioning Team goes through a comprehensive moisture extraction process using state of the art equipment and process to return the RV to pre-flood condition. After reconditioning is completed, our Inspection team does a final inspection, testing all electronics, switches and fuses to make 100% certain everything in the RV is fully operational.

Branded Due to Hail

Every day in the United States, over 2,000 cars and trucks are stolen from their owners and RV’s are close behind. These vehicles usually sustain some level of damage in the process and often end up as branded title vehicles.

Branded Due to Theft

Every day in the United States, over 2,000 cars and trucks are stolen from their owners and RV’s are close behind. These vehicles usually sustain some level of damage in the process and often end up as branded title vehicles.

Our Team

Paul Smolin

Paul Smolin

Owner/Sales Manager

Paul oversees all aspects of Purchasing, Reconditioning and Selling at True RV, Inc.
(800)951-0217 #700

Alex Smolin

Alex Smolin

Shop Supervisor

Alex evaluates units for necessary parts & service and oversees technicians in bringing units to factory standard.
(800)951-0217 #701

Wendy Sokalskiy

Wendy Sokalskiy

Administrative Assistant

Wendy handles all the necessary documents associated with purchasing your RV such as invoicing along with vendor payables.
(800)951-0217 #702

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