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True RV

Class C are midsized RVs that range from 20 to 33 feet and are built on top of existing truck and van chassis and are usually intended for families or larger groups that need to vacation on a more limited budget. These versions offer a more living space than the confining class B motorhomes and many of the same amenities of the class A. They will usually have toilet and shower facilities, an adequate kitchen and plenty of places to sleep. Some of the larger models feature a master bedroom suite in the rear while others forgo this option in favor of a more maneuverable profile. Couches and tables convert into beds and the overhead compartment above the cab can be used for storage or additional sleeping quarters. Due to the compartmental design of the cab, it is easy to gain access through the side doors. The class C motorhomes are usually easier to manage in restricted camp sites but travelers often tow a separate vehicle for excursions and errands. The fuel costs, maintenance & insurance are slightly better, however, these are still fairly expensive to operate compared to the class B.

These are excellent options for families with children or for those on a limited budget. They provide all of the fundamental aspects of travel and RV camping that enthusiasts enjoy.


• Large enough for an entire family
• Extra sleeping quarters or storage area above the driver’s cab
• Self-contained with all basic necessities
• Less costly to purchase than Class A motorhomes


• Still expensive to maintain and operate
• Driving may be challenging
• Some luxury amenities may not be available
• May be difficult to take excursions or day trips without a separate vehicle

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