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True RV

Class B is often referred to as the camper van and are typically built on a standard full-sized van chassis and feature a raised roof to facilitate walking upright. Like the class A, it is possible to find both diesel and gasoline powered variations and provides their owners with comfortable sleeping quarters and all of the necessities of life. They are the easiest to drive, maneuver and store and take quick day trips or to run errands. They can comfortably accommodate one or two travelers, and are usually fully self-contained. Campers enjoy access to a refrigerator, sink, hot water, showers, toilets, A/C & Heating. While still initially expensive to purchase, they are much more economical to operate. Interior space on these versions is often cramped. If more than two people are going to be using it, the tight quarters can quickly become uncomfortable. The sizes of the appliances are also much smaller than most are used to. There is no space for luxuries like laundry facilities or full sized entertainment systems, and they do not have the cargo capacity to carry many supplies.
Single travelers or those without children benefit from the affordability and convenience of this type of motorhome. They are also popular with those who are still working and only have time for the occasional trip!


• Easy to drive and maneuver
• Simple campsite setup
• Less costly to fuel and maintain
• Convenient for day trip excursions and errands


• Limited amenities
• Restricted interior living space
• Small storage and cargo areas
• Suitable for one or two people

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